ISLAMABAD - Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited is facing serious troubles in computerisation of the data due to lack of trained staff and an anti lobby working against the project. The computerisation project was started several years ago and people were hired and trained those were supposed to train the staff of SNGPL afterwards and run IT department as well. The sources said that those trained people who were hired under the project are doing their best but the staff of SNGPL in the country overall is not cooperating with them. One reason is that they dont know how to operate computer software and dont even want to learn it as most of them are now in old age and the second main reason is that data computerisation of department can hurt the vested interests of corrupt element of organisation and there are plenty of such people in SNGPL. It is pertinent to mention here that the project was to cover every element of the organisation from billing to gas connections and performance of staff as well. Through this computerisation software, it is so easy to know that who is working what. At present there is a situation that the especially hired staff for the project is doing the whole job to make it successful but the old and permanent staff of SNGPL is paying no heed to repeated calls to take interest in the project. It is also pertinent to mention here that people who were trained for the project and now are over burdened and doing the entire job are the most deprived in the department, as they are getting no benefit. The higher management has many times given them hope to give them permanent employment letters but what happens is that even their salaries are not increased on the renewal of contract that is generally made for six months only.