US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is reported to have strongly criticised a bill that would impose strict restrictions on the American aid to some countries, including Egypt, Lebanon, Pakistan, Yemen and the Palestinian Authority. In a letter, the copy of which has been obtained by the Washington Post, Hillary termed the bill provisions 'onerous restriction on her departments operation and foreign aid and severe curtailing of dues owed to international organisations. According to her, the proposed bill would stymie her efforts to implement a considered foreign policy and diplomacy. The Secretary expressed these views in a letter she has written to the members of House Foreign Affairs Committee. The most painful aspect of this new development is that Pakistan is again targeted by the dominating Jewish lobby in the American administration. On the one hand, Pakistan is told that it has to do more, while on the other, it is going back on all commitments made in terms of financial assistance and military aid. Although Hillary is determined to go to the extent of suggesting to President Barack Obama to use his veto power in case the proposed bill reaches his table for signature. The question is, why is Pakistan being targeted again? The answer is simple. It is for the first time that Pakistans political and military leadership have taken some important decision keeping the countrys interest in focus. Gen Kayani shunted out over 100 CIA contractors, who were here in the garb of military trainers on whose activities there was no check. Although 86 of them have been issued visas again, they are required to undertake their activities under strict vigilance. Similarly, on the issue of Shamsi Airbase, Pakistan has taken a tough stand and drones are not being operated from here anymore. Therefore, Islamabad should be ready to receive similar signals from Washington. But it should not change its stance, if that would mean compromising the national interest. It is about time that we learn to stand firm on made-in-Pakistan decisions.