Unending cycle of violence

Again a fresh wave of violence has erupted in Malir and Landi killing 13 persons on Friday. Its shocking that the deadly clashes lasted for three hours but the police and the Rangers did not intervene. After the MQM parted its ways with the government, the PPP, MQM confrontation had claimed more than 150 lives in Karachi, not to mention economic losses. Dr Ishratul Ebad resumed the office. It was, therefore, hoped that the alliance would ensure peace to the city. But still, target killing and indiscriminate firing continues while the law and order situation is getting worse day by day. Unfortunately, our politicians dirt-game have put Karachi on fire. Karachi continues to bathe in blood but the politicians are making only hollow statements. It is so because the flames of the burning fire has not reached their houses yet; their children are quite safe. Its the common man whose life and property is in danger. The agitation has brought Pakistan to dangerous edge and industry is moving out of Karachi. Moreover, the revengeful policies of the government are adding fuel to the burning fire. There is no doubt about Indian and American involvement in Karachis unrest. But, the government as usual is holding Taliban responsible for the violence to escape the responsibility. One should not ignore the fact that after FATA, Karachi is the target of RAW and CIA as well. Thousands of sleuths like Raymond Davis are roaming freely in the country. Its US strategy to destabilize Pakistan and seek maximum concessions in Afghanistan. At this critical juncture, voices in some quarters are heard in favour of military action in Karachi. I think there is no need for it? Actually the police and Rangers should be pulled up for dereliction of duty? It also a reality that no ethnic or linguistic group however strong or well-organised can eliminate the other. All the groups should learn to live and let others live in peace. MQM, ANP, and PPP must work out an amicable strategy to bring peace to Karachi. It must be remembered that Karachi had led to the downfall of previous Nawaz Sharifs and BBs governments. Perhaps now its the turn of the regime to be toppled down PEERZADAH ABDUL HAFEEZ Multan, July 24.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt