NANKANA SAHIB - Non-stop sale of urea fertiliser in 'black is continuous in the district unabated and helplessness of the district government causing panic among the farmers. If the prices were not controlled, shortage of the essential food items could cause big problem in the area particularly and in the country generally. Farmers including Asif Bhatti, Muhammad Usman (Dhor Kot) informed the scribe that already increased prices of diesel, electricity, pesticides and now unavailability of urea bag of 50kg at control price of Rs 1,245 could harm the production of the crops. Urea bag is now available from Rs 1,800 to Rs 2,000 in 'Black Market of the whole district causing huge financial loss to the framers. Farmers also lamented that there is no control of any department concerned over this open sale of urea in black. It is pertinent to mention that fake pesticides and fertilisers are also being sold in the markets without any check and fear. Farmers demanded that the government departments must start crackdown against the mafia as per law otherwise food crisis cannot be avoided in the near future. A fertiliser dealer said that only 10 percent to 20 percent fertiliser was produced in the country against the total requirement of Pakistan. Due to cancellation of gas quota for fertiliser industries has caused huge shortage of fertiliser. Due to less production, federal government must import the fertiliser to overcome the shortage. Due to this shortage, dealers are getting urea from the stockist of the open market at higher rates than the controlled price.