ISLAMABAD    -     Ter­rorists carried out a bomb at­tack on a Gurdwara, the Sikh religious place, in Kabul on Thursday. According to Pres­ident of the Gurdwara Gur­nam Singh, the bomb was placed in a bag in a shop of the complex nearby. This year, this was the third bomb at­tack on a gurdwara in Kabul. A month back, a gurdwara was attacked and Danish Kho­rasan accepted responsibili­ty for the attack. Danish had deep links with the Indian agency Research and Analysis Wing (RAW). Dozens of Sikhs and Taliban lost their lives in the attack. Another gurdwara was attacked at the start of this month in which one Sikh and two Afghans were killed.The repeated attacks of ter­rorists on the Sikh communi­ty in Afghanistan were seem­ingly linked to rising attacks on Sikhs in other parts of the world and the recent refer­endums for Khalistan held in western countries. According to analysts, the Modi govern­ment was feeling uncomfort­able with the participation of the Sikh community in a refer­endum for creation of a sepa­rate country comprising some of the states in India. New Del­hi had activated the terrorist cells under the RAW to stop the creation of a Sikh state in India and engender sense of insecurity by targeting Sikhs all across the world.