ISLAMABAD    -    The opposition in Thursday’s Nation­al Assembly sitting op­posed the idea of judi­cial reforms by ruling clique terming it an at­tempt to curtain the powers of judiciary.

“The treasury passed a resolution the oth­er day [Wednesday], which is regrettable and this exercise would be tantamount to vio­lating the Constitution,” said former speaker na­tional assembly and a senior member of GDA Dr. Fehmida Mirza, on a point of order. She re­marked that passing a resolution in this house was a mockery of the Constitution. She ar­gued that the Constitution speaks about trichotomy of independence of pow­ers of three state institu­tions but in the House, a resolution was passed in an attempt to curtail judi­ciary’s powers.

The framers of the Con­stitution provided that powers of the Supreme Court (SC) could be en­hanced but could not be curtailed, she said. “One-sided legislation is happening in the parlia­ment,” she said, regretting that the treasury did not show much concern about the flood-affected areas of Sindh. She said that real democracy could only be completed with the in­volvement of opposition in main matters. She pointed out that there was imbal­ance in the PAC due to im­proper representation of opposition.

The house was abruptly adjourned as the required quorum was not in the house. The quorum was pointed out by GDA mem­ber Ghous Bux Mehar.

Earlier, the house was in­formed that State Bank of Pakistan is playing an ac­tive role in the promotion of Islamic Banking glob­ally at international level. “The incumbent govern­ment is committed to fulfil its constitutional obliga­tion regarding Riba,” said the minister of State for Fi­nance Aisha Ghaus Pasha.

She said the Adviso­ry Council of Islamic Ide­ology has recommended that there should be grad­ual change in the system to bring it in conformity with the injunctions of Is­lam. She said any abrupt or sudden change would create numerous difficul­ties for the country.

To another question, Dr. Aisha Ghaus Pasha said the withholding tax de­ducted on mobile recharge is refundable and can be claimed through filing simple returns.

About a question posed on a call-attention no­tice about natural gas de­mand, Minister for Ener­gy Dr. Musaddaq Malik said there was no suffi­cient natural gas to meet demands in the country. He said to meet demands of consumers, the gov­ernment would have to import LNG.