In the midst of severe rains, joint teams from the CDA, MCI, and district administration mobilized

The work of CDA personnel and equipment for road drainage is progressing quickly.

According to CDA management, equipment and personnel from CDA are on-site observing the drains.

All Emergency Response Centers in Islamabad are operational.

Strict monitoring of all Islamabad's roads, drains, and waterways.

There were no complaints of standing rainwater anywhere on the highways.

There is no obstruction of any kind in the flow of water in the drains.

Special teams of CDA, MCI and district administration have been deployed in sectoral and non-sectoral areas.

The CDA administration said the duties of the staff concerned in the low-lying areas have been further tightened.

Traffic flowed normally on all highways of Islamabad

Citizens can also contact CDA helpline number, CDA Administration in case of any emergency.