KARACHI - Opposition lawmakers in the Sindh Assembly on Thursday lambasted the provincial government over its ‘failure’ in draining out rain water during the recent monsoon spells in the province and demanded compensation for affected farmers.

Speaking on a call attention notice, Arif Mustafa Jatoi of Grand Democratic Alliance said that the province had suffered devastating damage due to recent monsoon rains. He said that crops had been destroyed while the civic infrastructure of urban parts of the province had collapsed causing hardships and miseries for the people.

Jatoi asked the relevant minister as to what steps the provincial government was taking to give relief to the poor farmers who had suffered huge financial losses after their crops were destroyed in the recent rains.

Parliamentary Affairs Minister Mukesh Kumar Chawla said that the province received record rains, ranging 600 to 700 millimeters during the two heavy spells of monsoon rains in the last 25 to 27 days. He said that the chief minister and his cabinet members along with administration officers remained in field to ensure early draining of rain water that had submerged different arteries and roads. “We worked hard day and night,” he claimed.

Another opposition member Riaz Haider of PTI also came down heavily on the provoincial government over its ‘inefficiency’ during the recent spells of monsoon rains.

Referring to the incident at Shadman nullah in which two of a family including an infant died, he said that he had been raising issue of the nullah’s overflowing for the last four years but to no avail. He said that the civic infrastructure in his constituency (PS-130) was already in a highly dilapidated condition and it was now in the worst condition after the recent rains.

In a reply, Parliamentary Secretary for Local Government Saleem Baloch said that the Shadman nullah passed through Mewashah graveyard and this passage was closed down and the work on its diversion was in progress at two different sites Baloch said that the rain water would be drained out smoothly through the nullah after its diversion and it would be connected with Gujjar nullah.

Khurram Sherzman of PTI said that the rain water could not be drained out even after two days of rains. He said that the people were facing a great deal of hardship due to inundated roads and streets.

“The entire city has submerged and the authorities are doing nothing,” he lamented

Denying the PTI member’s claim, Local Government Minister Syed Nasir Hussian Shah said that the provincial government carried out round-the-clock operations to drain out the rain water in every part of the city.

He tendered apology to the people for facing hardships during the recent rains and claimed that the rain water was drained out successfully in few hours of rain in the areas where rain water remained on the streets for days in the past.