Hub Dam fills up, bringing hope for 100m gallons of daily water supply to Karachi

HUB-The recent rains have resulted in the filling of the Hub Dam, a development that brings hope to the citizens of Karachi.
The dam is now expected to provide 100 million gallons of water per day to the residents of Karachi for a duration of three years. Abdur Rahman, the Project Director of Hub Dam, expressed optimism about the potential water supply. He mentioned that the dam has the capacity to deliver 160 million gallons of water to both Karachi and Balochistan. Highlighting another crucial aspect, Abdur Rahman stressed that ensuring the proper repair of the Hub Canal and putting security measures would be instrumental in enabling Karachi to receive its full water quota. The filling of the Hub Dam comes as a significant relief for the water-scarce city of Karachi, and the increased water supply is expected to alleviate the ongoing water shortage in the region.
The Hub Dam, constructed in 1981 on the arid plains north of Karachi, serves as a critical water supply source for irrigation in Lasbella District and provides domestic and drinking water to the city of Karachi. At its current capacity, the dam can supply the city with up to 100 million gallons of water per day.  However, the actual supply is restricted to fifty million gallons per day due to the dilapidated condition of the Hub Canal, which limits its full potential.

As authorities work towards maintaining the water infrastructure and curbing any illegal activities affecting the water distribution, the citizens eagerly await the improved water situation that the dam promises to bring to their daily lives.

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