Strong institutions must to strengthen Pakistan

Two-day Int’l conference begins at BZU

MULTAN-West is ruling the world because they strengthened their institutions and nation would have strengthened institutions for making Pakistan a strong and prosperous country.
Bahauddin Zakariya University Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Tahir Ameen observed while addressing the inaugural session of two-day international conference organised by Department of Islamic Studies BZU in collaboration with the Higher Education Commission, Islamabad, the Punjab Higher Education Department and International Islamic University.
The VC pointed out that the nation and engineers exhibited very strong resolve which made Pakistan a nuclear power despite the presence of a troubling neighbour like India. He noted that the nation needs to exhibit same determination to steer the country out of prevailing crisis.
He noted that there is no room in Islam for terrorism and extremism. He said that it is rather unfortunate that the terrorists killed Muslims in the name of Islam which is totally against the teachings of Islam.
Speaking on the occasion, Justice Prof Dr Muhammad Alghazali, Supreme Court judge, said that at a time when other civilisations are breathing their last, Islamic civilisation is fast expanding in the world. He pointed out that the West considers Muslim civilisation a big threat to them than any other civilisation. “It is unfortunate that the Muslims have divided into many groups on the basis of language, race and geographical locations,” he regretted. He made it clear that the government formed on the foundations of nationality had no concern with one another as a result of which Muslims were faced with a big trouble across the world. He said that the Muslim rulers needed to get rid of inferiority complexes.
Addressing the moot, Dr Obaid Ullah Fahad, a professor from Aligarh Muslim University India, said that we needed to promote the culture of tolerance besides encouraging debate and innovation. He said that Islam created an international society and it was the religion of peace and tolerance.
Director General, Institute of Islamic Research, International Islamic University, Dr Muhammad Ziaul Haq said that the West was afraid of Islamic civilisation because it was the civilisation which conquered the conquerors. He said that Allama Muhammad Iqbal had brought the youth of his time out of hopelessness, adding that today we needed to promote his message in Pakistan as the youth constituted 60 percent of our total population. He warned that the youth could take to negative path if their capabilities were not channelized. He said that the foundation of Islamic civilisation was laid by the Holy Prophet (SAWW) by winning hearts and not the lands.
Dr Rana Tanveer said that we needed to come out of influence of Western media which launched a propaganda drive against Muslims. “They have declared all Muslims terrorist on the basis hypothesis,” he added.
Chairman, Department of Islamic Studies, Prof. Abdul Qudoos Sohaib said that Islamic civilisation made tremendous achievements in all fields of life. He added that might of historic buildings constructed during Muslim eras were evident of expertise of Muslims in construction. He disclosed that over 50 scholars would present their research papers during the conference.
The divisional administration approved on Wednesday funds worth over Rs154 million for two road projects. The approval was given by the Commissioner Multan division Bilal Ahmad Butt during a meeting of divisional development working party. Our of total 154 million rupees, over Rs. 64 million will be spent on widening of road between Latifabad and Jhoke Wains and Rs90 million Pri Khurshid Colony and Gol Bagh.
The commissioner warned the concerned officials and contractors on this occasion that strict legal action would be taken if use of sub-standard material was located on construction of roads. He said that complaints regarding deterioration of roads after just one rain after their construction was received and no more likewise complaints would be tolerated. He hoped that the traffic issues would be resolved after the widening of roads. He also hurled a warning to all those, who either broke the road dividers or created illegal U-turns.

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