Expansion in prices  

The issue of rising prices has become increasingly common, particularly with regard to essential commodities such as pulses, cereals, oils, spices, sugar, and vegetables. This steep rise in prices has had a significant impact on poor and lower-middle-class families, making it challenging for them to make ends meet. Even middle-class families are finding it difficult to manage their household budgets within their salaries. Wage earners and the poorest members of society are particularly hard hit by this situation.

The primary reasons for the price hikes are black marketing, hoarding, low production, an inadequate distribution system, and corruption at all levels of society. It is critical that the government takes necessary steps to control prices, particularly by acting strictly against hoarding, black marketing, and profiteering of essential items. Corruption and bribery must also be rooted out if the common man is to be relieved from the effects of price rises.

It is high time that the government takes effective measures to address this issue. Price control measures and stronger enforcement against those engaging in illicit activities must be implemented urgently. This would ease the burden on those who are struggling to make ends meet and ensure that basic necessities remain affordable for all.



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