Islam & terrorism  

Islam is a religion of peace and a direct faith that does not require any instructor in the existence of the Holy Quran. Unfortunately, since 9/11, it has been wrongly associated with terrorism by many people in the West. Some believe that jihad, an Islamic term, makes Islam a religion of terrorists. However, this is far from the truth. The actions of terrorism are very different from the true meaning of jihad.

It has become easy to make false allegations against any religion. For example, if an individual wears an artificial beard and bombs a crowded area in the name of jihad, it creates negative comments about Islam. However, this is not a true representation of the religion.

In reality, the Last Prophet Muhammad PBUH strictly prohibited acts like bombing, suicide, and targeting women, children, and non-combatants during jihad. In contrast, these tools are often used in terrorism to create fear and chaos.

People need to be aware of these misconceptions and practice tolerance towards different religions. These religions are sacred to their followers, and negative statements and comments can cause them great pain.


Kashmore Sindh.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt