Cost-effective Chinese water purifiers a boon to people

Chinese water purifiers provide a cost-effective solution for people getting potable water.

Ayesha Bibi used to spend over Rs4,000 a month on the bottled water delivered to her doorstep. However, now she has purchased a cost-effective Chinese water purifier and installed it in her kitchen. The installation of the Chinese purifier cost her just a few thousand rupees.

Talking to WealthPK, she said the Chinese purifier helped effectively remove impurities like lead, chlorine and other particles from water. She said cleaning the purifier was easy.

Zakar Ali, who has installed a reverse osmosis water filter plant, told WealthPK that he provided his consumers with potable water through two sources – water purifier and reverse osmosis.

Explaining the difference between the two sources, he said the taste, quality and rates of both the filtration sources were different. "Water filtered through reverse osmosis filter is costly as compared to water purifier plant," he said.

However, he said it was a blessing for the people to have easy access to affordable Chinese filters and other chemicals essential to purify the water.  

He urged the government to extend subsidies to the plant owners, who are providing safe drinking water at the doorstep of people as groundwater of Faisalabad was not fit for human consumption. He said due to the surging electricity rates, providing filtered water to consumers at affordable rates was becoming rather difficult for him.

"We are doing the government's job of providing the citizens with clean drinking water, so we should be facilitated in running our plants without any hindrance." 
Ghalab Hussain, a water supplier, said alongside plastic bottles, they were also providing handles, stands, nozzles and stands for the bottles to our customers.

"Availability of all such items in Pakistan at affordable rates is due to Chinese manufacturers."

He said that Chinese innovative technologies were bringing a revolution to the lives of Pakistanis in multiple ways.

"The Chinese water filtration technology is benefitting people, particularly the lower strata of the society."

Ayesha, the housewife, advocated getting safe drinking water through Chinese purifiers, which are easily available in the market. "The lifespan of these purifiers is good, their cleaning is easy and their installation is cost-effective," she claimed.

Zakar Ali, the owner of water filtration plant, said Chinese manufacturers were extensively working to introduce modern water purification methods.

  • He said Chinese technological advancements had offered reliable solution to purifying water in Pakistan. "The Chinese technologies are ensuring good business and job opportunities for Pakistanis."

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