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RSS has been maintaining an effective foothold in America, UK, Canada and elsewhere with the help of so-called INGOs.

The militant party Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) was created in 1925 with an intent to Hinduise India at the cost of religio-cultural diversity.

Since its manifesto also has ‘Hindutva’ (Hindu nationalism) as part of an ideology, hence it is now hell-bent on imple­menting the ideology, be­ing aided and abetted by the Modi-led BJP ((Bharati­ya Janata Party) government. It op­erates with the help of Sangh Pari­vars- an umbrella term used for the outfits toeing the ideological line of RSS both in India and abroad.

Many outfits operating in Amer­ica have a direct nexus with RSS-allied Sangh Parivar organisations in India. The US-based groups are financing the latter

RSS has a ubiquitous presence across every nook and corner of India with an array of affiliates working in line with its agenda to take India from Hinduaisation to ‘Hindutvisation’. Being adminis­tratively facilitated by BJP govern­ment, RSS has been proliferating its motto with ease and comfort.

However, RSS has been maintain­ing an effective foothold in Ameri­ca, UK, Canada and elsewhere with the help of so-called INGOs, chari­ty organizations being run by RSS ideologues. They have both stated and unstated (covert) objectives. In the case of the latter, funds are funneled to Sangh Parivar groups toeing the line of RSS back in India. An endeavor has been made to un­earth the fundraising and financial flow of organizations for RSS.

On 27 November 2022, the Global Hindu Heritage Founda­tion organized a fundraising con­cert in the USA. In its flyer, among other things, they started the in­tent to use the money for ‘Ghar Wapsi, the demolition of churches in Tripura, etc. in India.

Besides fundraising, and funds funneling to Sangh Parivar out­fits, US-based entities are found involved in lobbying in America for India in the line of RSS dictated BJP government policies.

In this regard, Al Jazeera on April 2, 2021: “Washington, DC, Unit­ed States…Five organisations with ties to Hindu supremacist and re­ligious groups have received fund­ing amounting to $833,000, ac­cording to data released by the United States’ Small Business Administration (SBA), a federal agency that helps small business owners and entrepreneurs. Mas­sachusetts-based Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America (VHPA) re­ceived more than $150,000 under PPP and a further $21,430 under EIDLA and DAL programmes”.

It indicated: “VHPA’s Indian coun­terpart, Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), was designated as a reli­gious militant organization by the world…Factbook of CIA for years. VHP is an affiliate of RSS, a far-right Hindu nationalist organization formed in 1925 along the lines of hardline nationalist groups in Eu­rope, which aims to create an eth­nic Hindu-majority state in India”.

Al Jazeera pointed out: “RSS is the ideological mentor of India’s governing BJP and boasts of hav­ing Prime Minister Narendra Modi among millions of its members across India. American organiza­tions such as the VHPA openly ac­knowledge that they are inspired by India’s Hindu nationalist orga­nizations, such as the VHP and the RSS...Any American nonprofit that perpetuates Islamophobia and other forms of hate should not re­ceive federal relief funds”.

It further said: “For decades, VHP has campaigned to turn In­dia into a Hindu nation and stands accused of orchestrating numer­ous attacks on Muslims and Chris­tians in hundreds of riots in vari­ous parts of the country”.

Al Jazeera added: “Ekal Vidyala­ya Foundation of USA, an organi­zation affiliated with the RSS, ob­tained direct payment of $7,000 and a loan of $64,462 under PPP. Through its network of schools mainly in India’s tribal and rural areas, Ekal Vidyalaya has been ac­cused of spreading the RSS agen­da of Hindu supremacy and of promoting anti-minority hate among young children”.

Besides Sewa International funds, several RSS-run projects are working across India. In fact, in the older RSS literature, Sewa Interna­tional’s address was the same as the RSS headquarters in New Delhi.

Ramesh Bhutada, an Indian-American businessman from Tex­as and national vice president of Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh (HSS), the US wing of RSS, also holds the position of board chairperson at Sewa International.

And HSS—operating in the UK since 1968 is ideologically in­spired by the RSS and Britain’s charities watchdog opened a stat­utory probe after concerns were raised on its “extremist” views and “improper”, working in the coun­try for the collection of funds.

Reuters pointed out on Septem­ber 29, 2023: “A video showing the head of an independent Mus­lim human rights organization calling for a ban on the Hindu na­tionalist group Rashtriya Sway­amsevak Sangh has been shared online to falsely claim the Gov­ernment of Canada has banned the latter amid rising tensions be­tween Canada and India”.

Notably, the Indian Constitution declares India to be a secular and democratic state, which safeguards the rights of religious minorities, but, under the Modi-led govern­ment, discrimination especially against the Muslims—assaults on their places of worship and proper­ty—ban on beef and cow slaughter, creation of war-like situation with Pakistan etc. have clearly proved that Hindu biased outfits such as VHP, Bajrang Dal and Shiv Sena particularly associated with the RSS have been promoting religious and ethnic chauvinism in India by propagating the Hindutva ideology.

Sajjad Shaukat
The writer focuses on international affairs and is the author of the book, “US vs Islamic Militants, Invisible Balance of Power: Dangerous Shift in International Relations”. He can be reached at

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