Youm-i-Takbeer observed with pledge to protect nukes

ISLAMABAD - Leaders and workers of Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) and Jammat-i-Islami staged separate rallies to celebrate Youm-i-Takbeer here on Saturday. The activists of PML-N largely comprising members of partys women wing belonging to Rawalpindi and Islamabad gathered at the Chaghi Model and offered prayers for sovereignty and integrity of the country. They also laid floral wreath at the site of the model. Prominent among those who took part in rally were Begun Najma Hameed, Tehra Aurangzeb, Seema Gilani, Zaibun Nisa. Later they dispersed peacefully. Meanwhile, Jammat-e-Islami also took out rally to celebrate Youm-e-Takbeer. The rally was led by Mian Muhammad Aslam, former MNA from Islamabad. The participants also offered prayers for sovereignty and integrity of the country. Jammat-e-Islami leaders and workers vowed to protect the nuclear assets at all cost come what may. They also denounced propaganda of the western media about the security of the countrys nuclear assets and said these assets in the safe hands. Later the participants of the rally wanted to reach the residence of Pakistans nuclear scientist Dr A Q Khan but they were dispersed by the local authorities. In another development, local MNAs of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, Dr Faisal Chaudhry and Anjum Aqeel Khan also addressed a function to celebrate Youm-e-Takbeer here at Jhangir Market in G-9/2. The speakers highlighted the significance of the day. They believed Pakistan had gained self-respect in the international community thirteen years ago when it conducted successful nuclear tests making the defence of the country impregnable. It may be mentioned here that on 28 May 1998, a few weeks after Indias second nuclear test (Operation Shakti), Pakistan detonated five nuclear devices in the Chagai Hills in the Chagai district, Balochistan. This operation was named Chagai-I by Pakistan, the base having been long-constructed by provincial martial law administrator Rahimuddin Khan during the 1980s. The then prime minister of Pakistan Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif despite international pressure had decided to carry out nuclear tests to give India a befitting replay as well as safeguard the countrys sovereignty. Today, as Pakistan is facing so much pressure as the world is raising so many questions about the security of Pakistani nukes fearing that they can be attacked or obtained by the terrorists, the commitment by the political parties and people of this country to protect the nuclear arsenals and foil conspiracies of the world powers against them has a great significance. Despite the fact that the nuclear arsenals are in the safe hands - this is by and large accepted by the world powers - but some powers of the world with bad intentions are busy hatching conspiracies to deprive only Islamic state of atomic power. Experts believe that it is a high time to unite the nation to foil conspiracies against Pakistan. They further said that there is a foolproof system in place to protect and safeguard the nukes.

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