LAHORE   -   The Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) Punjab has arrested eight suspects belonging to different defunct organizations during Intelligence Based Operations (IBOs). A spokesman for CTD said that the CTD Punjab conducted extensive IBOs across the Punjab to avert any untoward incident, adding that this week during 29 IBOs, 31 suspects were interrogated. The arrested eight suspects included Ehsanullah s/o Rehmat Gull of defunct organization TTP (Ghazi Force), Iftikhar Khan s/o Saleem Khan from TTP (Ghazi Force), Wajahat Abbas s/o Ghulam Shabbir from SMP, Mohabbat Hussain s/o Iqbal Hussain from SMP, Orangzaib Khan S/o Khaista Khan from TTP, Toqeer Hussain s/o M Ramzan from SMP, Zahid Abbas s/o Ghulam Hussain from SMP and  Malik Zahid s/o Malik M Hussain from TTP (Asmat Ullah Muavia Group).

Accordingly, five FIRs have been registered against the arrested suspects while an IED bomb, a match box, two hand grenade, a pistol 30 bore with five bullets, a pistol 9mm breta with loaded magazine.

, 77 banned materials, two USB, three memory cards, and cash Rs. 79,390 were recovered from them. During this week, 363 combing operations were conducted with the help of local police/LEAs, in which 13,180 persons were checked, 54 suspects arrested and 37 FIRs were registered. The CTD Punjab was proactively pursuing its goal of safe and secure Punjab and would not leave any stone unturned in its efforts to bring terrorists and anti-state elements behind bars, the spokesman concluded.