Indian dramas have a major impact on our language. Our daily life lingo has faced a drastic change in a very subtle way due to the impact of Indian dramas. It is evident that we are losing command over our mother tongue because we are highly influenced by Indian dramas and the language used in them.

We as a society are so highly influenced by Indian festivals and celebrations that we are always eager to watch our favourite Indian dramas on any particular occasion. The concept of the dance floor on the mehndi function, which we consider very trendy is basically due to the impact of Indian dramas. It is never too late to shred off the facade of Indian dramas and adopt one’s own. The impact of Indian dramas is definitely very strong but our culture and traditions possess enough strength too.

The trend of wearing heavy colourful jewellery is nothing else but the impact of Indian dramas intentionally or unintentionally Indian dramas have played a major role in distorting our Pakistani culture.