ISLAMABAD- The Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) issued 34,528 fine tickets to motorcyclists riding bikes without helmets. A police spokesman on Saturday said that ITP is endeavouring to maintain exemplary traffic system in the city and check those involved in negligence on roads. He said that 34,528 fine tickets were issued to motorcyclists riding their bikes without helmets. SSP (Traffic) Syed Mustafa Tanveer has appreciated this performance and said that vigorous campaign of ITP had been launched as per directions of IGP Islamabad Dr. Akbar Nasir to create awareness among citizens about traffic rules. As per directions of IGP Islamabad, he said that ITP personnel had been directed to ensure implementation on traffic rules and regulations irrespective of status and rank and demonstrate patience and politeness while issuing traffic violation tickets to the road users. He said that ITP is utilising all available resources to facilitate the general public. He has appealed parents not to allow their children to ride bikes or drive cars till age of maturity. The personnel of the force issue traffic violation tickets not as a punitive measure but the purpose is to ensure safe road environment in the capital and secure the lives of the people, the SSP (Traffic) maintained. He appealed to the parents not to allow their underage children to ride bikes.