Russian envoy accuses western nations of prolonging Ukrainian conflict

ISLAMABAD   -   Ambassador Albert P Khorev, in a press briefing at the Russian Embassy in Islamabad, addressed the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, accusing Western countries of fuelling the war and hindering peace efforts.

“I am glad to see you at our second briefing at the Russian Embassy,” Khorev began, expressing hope for regular meetings to provide diverse perspectives amid what he described as an information war by Western nations against Russia and opponents of American hegemony.

Khorev claimed that the initiative on the battlefield now lies with Russian forces, who are making systematic advances in the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics. He highlighted a recent offensive in the Kharkov direction, stressing that the goals of the operation – demilitarisation and denazification of Ukraine – will be achieved.

Addressing the perceived slow pace of the Russian advance, Khorev explained it as an effort to minimise casualties among civilians and Russian personnel. “The slower you go, the further you get,” he quoted a Russian proverb.

He accused the Ukrainian government of targeting civilians out of desperation, citing a missile attack on an apartment block in Belgorod on May 12, which killed 17 people and injured over 30. Khorev likened these actions to those of terrorist organisations, including those in Pakistan, and alleged connections between Ukrainian authorities and the perpetrators of a terrorist attack in Moscow in March 2024.

The ambassador also commemorated the 10th anniversaries of Crimea’s reunification with Russia and the independence of the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics, events marred by what he described as Ukrainian missile attacks using Western weaponry.

Khorev criticised the West, particularly the United States, for supporting Ukraine with substantial military aid while ignoring the needs of other regions, including Pakistan. He pointed to the disparity in financial assistance, contrasting the $230 billion in military aid to Ukraine with the $3 billion in IMF assistance to Pakistan, which came with stringent conditions.

Reiterating Russia’s openness to peace talks, Khorev blamed Ukraine and its Western sponsors for obstructing negotiations. He claimed that Western-led peace initiatives were mere profanations designed to impose ultimatums on Russia without considering its interests.

The ambassador expressed gratitude to Pakistan for its neutrality in the conflict and the support from its people. He reaffirmed Russia’s commitment to strengthening bilateral relations and supporting Pakistan’s food and energy security.

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