US suspends aid deliveries as pier constructed off Gaza breaks apart

GAZA    -   The US says it will need well over a week to resume the operation of the temporary pier it built off the Gaza coast for delivering humanitarian aid after it was damaged due to severe weather conditions over the weekend.

US forces will first need to recover a portion of the pier and four accompanying army vessels that have broken off from the rest of the pier and beached on the shores of Gaza and Israel over the past several days, says Pentagon spokesperson Sabrina Singh, adding that this process will take roughly 48 hours.

The stump of the T-shaped pier remains anchored to the Gaza shore but will now need to be removed over the next two days and towed back to Israel’s Ashdod Port so that the weather-caused damages can be repaired by US Central Command, Singh says. “The rebuilding and repairing of the pier will take at least over a week, and following completion, it will need to be re-anchored to the coast of Gaza,” she says, declining to give a more precise timeline.

The project has come under significant criticism due to its high cost and limited success rate thus far, but Singh insists that the pier has proved “highly valuable in delivering aid to the people of Gaza,” delivering over 1,000 metric tons of humanitarian aid for civilians.

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