Women Empowerment

Women’s empowerment refers to the process of enabling women to control their own lives, make their own decisions, and participate fully in society, free from discrimination, marginalization, and oppression. Women’s contributions socially, economically, and morally cannot be overlooked. It is often said that educating a man educates an individual, but educating a woman educates a nation, underscoring the value of women. Another Islamic proverb highlights that “Heaven lies under the feet of the mother.”

Unfortunately, Pakistan lacks schemes to expose the incredible ideas and talents of our women. Author Osho writes that most women are treated like machines, only valued for giving birth, with few understanding the true essence of a woman. Sadly, this mindset is also prevalent among Pakistani youth regarding women.

According to UNICEF, 18.9 million girls in Pakistan are married before they turn 18. The country also has a very low literacy rate for girls due to a lack of basic necessities. In terms of sexual violence, Pakistan sees about 9 million pregnancies annually, half of which are unwanted or mistimed. A report published in Dawn highlighted that 5,200 rapes were reported in 2021, with 21,900 women raped from 2017 to 2021. This means 12 women are raped daily, or one woman every two hours. Isn’t this a concerning and shameful report?

Despite much discussion on women’s empowerment, the implementation remains lacking, as the famous saying goes, “Saying is easy, but doing is difficult.” The government needs to prioritize women in every positive step taken for men to ensure no discrimination. There should also be opportunities for girls to receive quality education. As a nation, we need to recognize that we all owe our existence to women, who are our mothers.



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