McCain scolds Pakistan on Haqqani support

WASHINGTON (AFP) - Key US Senator John McCain expressed sorrow Monday at the death of 24 Pakistani soldiers in weekend Nato strikes but scolded Pakistan over support for fighters allegedly killing US forces in Afghanistan. The Republican lawmaker said all Americans were 'deeply saddened by the killings and backed Natos vow to investigate this tragedy thoroughly and immediately but sharply rebuked Islamabad over the decade-old Afghan war. It is important to note that certain facts in Pakistan continue to complicate significantly the ability of coalition and Afghan forces to succeed in Afghanistan, he said in a statement. Pakistans intelligence agency continues to support the Haqqani network and other terrorist groups that are killing US and Afghan forces in Afghanistan, and the vast majority of the material used to make improvised explosive devices originates from two fertilizer factories in Pakistan, said McCain. His comments came after Pakistan vowed no more business as usual with the United States in response to the weekend strikes, but stopped short of threatening to break the troubled alliance altogether. Nato and the United States had sought to limit the fallout of Saturdays attack as Pakistan shut vital supply routes to the 140,000 foreign troops serving in Afghanistan and ordered a review of its US alliance.

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