500 litres of substandard milk, expired snacks discarded

PESHAWAR  -  Special teams from the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Food Safety and Halal Food Authority carried out raids in Peshawar, Mardan, and Dir Upper district on Tues­day, targeting the adulteration mafia. They confiscat­ed and disposed of substandard milk, expired snacks, and mislabeled edible items.

A spokesperson for the Food Authority reported that during the operations, a team visited canteens at the University of Peshawar. They took action by seal­ing a canteen due to poor hygienic conditions, impos­ing heavy fines on the shopkeepers.

In a similar drive, a team from the Halal Food Authority visited dairy product vendors in Par Hoti bazaar, Mardan. They confiscated over 500 litres of adulterated milk containing ammonium sulphate and cane sugar. The shop was sealed, and the adulterated milk was immediately dis­carded on-site. Legal action has been initiated against the shop owner.

During inspections of various bazaars and markets in Dir Upper district, the Food Authority team dis­covered 35 litres of expired beverages, 45 kg of mis­labeled snacks, and 38 packs of counterfeit pudding mix. The team confiscated the expired and mislabe­led products, initiating legal actions against the re­spective shopkeepers.