CTD arrests ‘Lyari gang war commander’ in Karachi

KARACHI-The Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) investigation department conducted an operation and claimed to have arrested a ‘commander’ of the Lyari gang war. According to the CTD in charge statement, the arrested accused was identified as Mir Muhammad Bakhsh who is allegedly a commander of the Dashti Waseem group of Lyari gang war and was arrested from the old Golimar area.
The arrested individual is allegedly involved in several gunfights against Sindh police and Rangers, meanwhile, also been named in murder, terrorism, and extortion cases in the metropolis. The accused allegedly took extortion money from the businessman and hotel located in the Pak Colony area of Karachi and was also named for operating a drug den. The security personnel also recovered a weapon from his possession during his arrest.
Earlier this year, police and Rangers claimed to have arrested two suspected ‘Lyari gang war’ members in a joint operation carried out in Karachi’s Moach Goth. According to the Rangers’ spokesman, a joint operation was conducted in Moach Goth in which two suspected members of the Lyari Gang war have been arrested.
The accused gang members were identified as Naveed alias Cappi and Nauroz alias Nammo. Both arrested accused were wanted in murders, extortions, kidnapping for ransom, and robbery. Naveed joined the group of commander Sajid back in 2005. The same group is accused to committed more than 50 cases of target killing of political party workers.

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