Electioneering yet to take place

ISLAMABAD  -  February 2024 in the country will surely be differ­ent and difficult for political fac­tions, owing to the country’s tu­multuous politi­cal landscape, as the leadership is still confused to award the party tickets for the upcoming general elections.

Unlike previous elections in Paki­stan, elections festivity bustle this time before the polls have yet to gain momentum. As the general polls are just two months away, the political parties are still indeci­sive to award the tickets to the nominees.

Both the ‘turncoats and loy­alists’ from different constitu­encies are yet to receive formal indications from party leader­ship to contest from their par­ty’s platform. Some third-tier politicians are seen in the me­dia switching their loyalties but no promise has been made to give party tickets to them, back­ground discussions with par­ties’ members revealed.

The regular turncoats, this time for the upcoming polls, may face tough circumstances to get the tickets as previously they had not faced such difficult time to get space in the parties.

Some politicians from Pun­jab, famous for changing their loyalties and contesting polls from different parties in every election, are trying to approach leadership of former ruling par­ties [PML-N and PPP] to get any assurance so that they start a proper campaign in their con­stituencies. Political pundits also consider this assurance by the party as a last hurdle before formally starting their election campaign. They viewed that the leadership is also still indecisive that the general election will be held on schedule.

In one of the episodes before the polls, some insiders shared that a large number of PTI’s dis­sidents are also sending mes­sages to the PML-N leadership to fulfil their promises made with them. A long list of politi­cal aspirants, according to the information gathered by this newspaper, earlier contested from PTI would get tickets from PML-N and Pakistan Peoples Party in coming month.

These PTI’s dissidents includ­ing Afzal Dhandala, Qasim Noon, Amjad Farooq Khosa, Ahmed Yar Hiraj, Sikandar Bosan, Khwaja Sheraz, former opposi­tion leader in the national as­sembly Raja Riaz, Noor Alam Khan, Basit Sultan, and some others will be awarded tickets in December. A large number of these PTI’s dissidents have sub­mitted their willingness to con­test the polls as the submission of assets details to the Election Commission of Pakistan will clear the situation.

Some insiders claimed that Khusro Bukhtiar, Amir Dog­ar, Niaz Jhakar, Raza Hayat Hi­raj and Mustafa Khar will not prefer to contest the polls from their previous political party.

Main players have increased parleys with other parties’ heads and this activity will gain momentum in the next month. They will decide about seat-ad­justments and other matters before the polls.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf has also recently announced to contest in the polls all over the country. The party will make an effort to save its election symbol by conducting intra-party polls.

The election schedule has been announced but there is still a debate in the media and other circles that the general polls might not be held on Feb­ruary 8.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt