Inflation in Pakistan

Pakistan’s people are facing a disastrous condition due to inflation. Every goods rate has touched the sky, such as petrol, electric bills, sugar, and other food ingredients. Especially for poor people, it has become difficult to purchase one kilogram of sugar due to inflation.

However, from 2010 to 2019, the dollar rate doubled after nine years, increasing from 70 to 150. After that, in three years, the dol­lar rate has increased from 150 to 300, leading to the deterioration of the economic condition.

Apart from that, the biggest rea­son for inflation is the imbalance in export and import. In Pakistan, there is not an equal balance be­tween importing and exporting. Approximately, Pakistan is do­ing 70% import and 30% export, causing the Pakistani rupee to lose its value and the dollar rate to in­crease. Pakistan is not a self-suf­ficient country, and it cannot sus­tain its economic condition.



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