Say yes to democracy

A vote is not merely a stamp on a party or leader’s sym­bol; it’s a pathway to bring pros­perity and significant change to a country’s political system. It has the power to elect the right person whose perspectives align with the public’s. However, many women and youth in Paki­stan abstain from voting, either due to unawareness about their rights or because they are disil­lusioned by the false promises of election candidates.

According to reports, Pakistan’s voter turnover index is 153 among countries with regular elections, indicating that almost 80% of countries have a better turnover ratio than Pakistan. Even competi­tive countries like Bangladesh, In­dia, and China boast a higher voter turnout, showcasing the strength of their democracies.

Furthermore, a voting system determines the stability of a po­litical structure and the demo­cratic linkages of a country. It re­veals whether a state requires improvement. Particularly when the youth and women exercise their voting rights more fre­quently, it creates democratic re­forms in a country. Therefore, I suggest that the Pakistani pub­lic actively participate in election campaigns and spread aware­ness as much as possible.



ePaper - Nawaiwaqt