ISLAMABAD -  National Telecommunication Corporation (NTC), the official provider of telecom and related services to the government organisations, claimed Friday that majority of customers have termed corporation’s services as completely satisfactory.

Without sharing any details, TCP, in a handout, claimed that a survey was carried out recently by NTC and Ministry of IT, in which 72 percent customers showed their complete satisfaction on NTC telecom/ICT and support services, 14 percent showed dissatisfaction whereas 14 percent remained neutral.

According to officials, telecom and data services were assessed on different parameters ranging from installation to bill delivery along with responsiveness of customer support services. "As many as 90 percent of NTC customers received bill in time, 07 percent disagreed on in-time bill delivery whereas 3 percent have shown mixed response", handout said.

Managing Director, NTC, Viqar Rashid Khan expressed satisfaction over the survey results as well as on various contingency plans. Besides, he also, instructed all DGs to further enhance the service delivery with quality assurance.

It is pertinent to mention here that under Brig (r) Viqar Rashid Khan, NTC has shown record growth/expansion of network and infrastructure and become profitable after a period of five years, officials said.

However, the insiders claim NTC has carried out a ‘table survey’ on the directions of Ministry of IT. According to them, the business of the corporation has improved in recent past but most of the offices prefer private service providers due to their top-notch services. Obsolete hardware of the NTC cannot compete with the latest gadgets of the private service providers, which have latest networks as well.

It is not the first time that insiders have challenged the Ministry of IT and its affiliated departments. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority recently came up with a same survey in which it gave clean chit to all telcos and said they were providing satisfactory services to users.

An NTC official said, “The survey was carried out by Ministry itself and it sent letters to all provincial chief secretaries and through them all departments were forwarded the questioner.” an NTC official said. He said 72 percent satisfactory answer from government offices reflect how successful the National telecommunication Corporation has been in providing telecom services.