MIRPUR (AJK) -  The AJK people demanded immediate withdrawal of Indian forces from Held Kashmir and grant of right to self-determination to the oppressed people in accordance with the United Nations resolutions.

The demand was moved through unanimously passed resolutions at a public rally held in the state capital in connection with the Black Day observed against the Indian occupation of Kashmir for 69 years.

The public rally passed various resolutions. As per the resolutions, October 27 is being observed as a “Black Day”, Kashmiris in both parts of the State of Jammu and Kashmir and abroad, stood in protest against Indian armed aggression on Kashmir. In 1947, the Indian armed forces invaded and illegally occupied the large part of Jammu and Kashmir after execution of the illegal instrument of Accession by the then ruler of the state already declared null and void by United Nations Resolution.  

The protest demonstration in Azad Kashmir capital Muzaffarabad represented all shades and representatives of all political, social and religious parties including the victims of Indian brutalities. The procession once again lucidly manifested the Kashmiris profound anger, anguish and agony against Illegal, immoral, unconstitutional and forced occupation of the large part of State of Jammu and Kashmir, by India and her persistence of that occupation is clear defiance of the UN Resolutions No. S/1100 of 13 August 1948 and No. 2/1196 05th January 1949.

They said that the unabated savagery of Indian military and Para-military forces in Kashmir is continued and they have killed tens of thousands of Kashmiris and raping and gang-raping thousands of Kashmiri women. Indian government-sponsored anti-Muslim riots continued to remain a blot on the so-called democratic face of India. At present India is directly ruled by the fascist and communal-minded Narendra Modi and the fast growing intolerance in the country is a matter of deep concern for all the minorities.

They said that over 94,259 people have been assassinated,130,221 civilians are languishing in Indian jails, many of them are subjected to the brutal torture in cells and tens of thousands have been crippled and amputated, 22,804 women have lost their husbands and 107,543 children have been orphaned. Thousands of houses and shops have been burnt to ashes, they said.

“In light of the facts, and on behalf of people of Jammu & Kashmir, we strongly demand your Excellency, as custodian of the UN organisation and as Chief Executive of the world body to full fill its responsibilities towards people of Jammu and Kashmir by condemning Indian state terrorism and make India accountable for its crimes against humanity in Indian Occupied Kashmir,” they demanded.

They also urged the UN to impress upon Government of India to end military repression and respect International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law; and make efforts to implement UNSC resolutions on Jammu and Kashmir for lasting peace and stability of the region.