Artists became terrorists

An artist is a person whose trade or profession requires a knowledge of design, drawing, poetry, drama, films etc. How can artists become terrorists? It has happened in India on Thursday September 29 , 2016, when Indian Motion Pictures Association (IMPA) banned all Pakistani actors, artists, and technicians from working in Indian movies. This ban on Pakistani artists to work in India is a very shameful and condemnable act. The Indian government had previously allowed Pakistani artists to work in India, after carrying out a screening test regarding whether or not they were terrorists. Unfortunately, like many other Bollywood movie stars, Shah Rukh Khan, who was once an advocate of India-Pakistan reconciliation, praised the Indian army for carrying out their fake anti-terrorism operation. He understands art but not politics.

In reality, India wants to build pressure on Pakistan so it withdraws its support for the freedom movement in Kashmir. Earlier, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had threatened to terminate the Indus Water Treaty, and also decided not to participate in the SAARC summit. All of these are pressure tactics that can prove harmful for the entire region. The ongoing freedom wave in Kashmir has reached a point of culmination. Neither India nor Pakistan can suppress the right of self determination of the Kashmirs. This fact must be realised.


Faisalabad, October 1.


ePaper - Nawaiwaqt