LAHORE - Civil society activists yesterday called for recovery of Baloch poet, social worker, and publisher who went ‘missing’ three months ago.

Abdul Wahid Baloch, according to his family, was picked up by law enforcement agencies from Karachi Superhighway on July 26. 

Dozens of civil society activists including relatives of Wahid gathered outside the Lahore Press Club and staged a protest demonstration, demanding the authorities to release the man.  Hani Wahid, the daughter of the Baloch poet was leading the protest demonstration.  The protesters were carrying placards and banners inscribed with appealing slogans in favour of the father of four. According to activists, Abdul Wahid, also a book lover, helped Baloch authors publish their works and activists print posters.

Baloch’s eldest daughter, 20-year-old Hani while speaking to reporters on this occasion, said that her father “should be tried in the court” if he had committed any crime.

 “Our family has been suffering from severe pain and agony. Today, I am standing here and tomorrow someone else (could be standing at my place)” she said.

She appealed to the standing committees on human rights of the Senate and the National Assembly to come forward and play their role for the release of her father. We have not received any response from the Sindh government and the federal government yet, she said.

Central spokesman Awami Workers Party Farooq Tariq said that Wahid Baloch was a peaceful man, a social worker, intellectual, and poet and he must be released at once.

IA Rahman and Dr Laal Khan also spoke on this occasion besides others. Representatives of different organizations also participated in the protest demonstration and demanded release of Wahid Baloch.