LAHORE - The elements, threatening to lock down Islamabad, want to hamper the process of national development, Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif said yesterday.

 “There is no justification for closing down Islamabad after the Supreme Court started the hearing Panama leaks case” the CM said in a handout.

Alleging that PTI chief Imran Khan was uninterested in national development, the CM said the ‘elements involved in politics of allegations lies and falsehood are trying to mislead the masses’.

However, he reiterated his resolve to maintain order, saying that anti-peace plots would be foiled at all costs. He said that those creating hurdles in the process of investment and speedy development are enemies of the nation.

He said that elements involved in sit-ins and promotion of anarchy cannot tolerate strengthening of national economy and these so-called politicians by not accepting the decisions of the courts and promotion of confusion and chaos are also insulting the mandate of the masses.

He said that lockdown of Islamabad tantamount to closing the doors of prosperity to the poor people of the country.

Shehbaz Sharif said that these elements rejected by the masses want to take revenge from the people for their defeat. He said that lockdown of cities results in loss of billions of rupees to economy and closing of Islamabad is economic murder of the people.

Shehbaz Sharif said that CPEC is a guarantee to progress and prosperity of Pakistan and harbinger of a prosperous future.

He said power projects being set up under CPEC would remove darkness from the country, which the sit-in group cannot tolerate. He said that such elements are bent upon stopping this splendid project. He said that the leader of sit-in group has set records of falsehood and baseless allegations. He said that those engaged in sit-ins want to undermine economic process and deprive the poor people of their livelihood but the politically conscious people of the country will stand as a rock against the negative designs of the enemies of progress of the country.

Separately chairing a meeting on Drug Testing Lab, he said that system of evidence collection in the Punjab Forensic Science Agency is exceptional.

The CM said that the system of Drug Testing Lab is being set up on modern lines so that provision of quality medicines to the people could be ensured.

He directed services of Pakistani experts in this field living abroad should be acquired and skilled professionals should be appointed under the new system of Drug Testing Lab.

He said that arrangements should be made for training of newly-appointed staff abroad and funds should be provided on priority basis for modernizing the system of Drug Testing Lab. He directed that the training of new staff should be completed at the earliest. The Chief Minister thanked LGC Laboratories of Britain for innovations in Drug Testing Lab. Advisor Health Khawaja Salman Rafique, Parliamentary Secretary Khawaja Imran Nazir, Additional Chief Secretary, Vice Chancellor King Edward Medical University, DG Punjab Forensic Science Agency and concerned officials attended the meeting.