PML-N has yet again managed to exercise unlawful power on innocent civilians, or the opposite party, thereof. On Thursday, the Youth Convention was intervened by a group of police officials who apprehended, jostled and harassed several PTI members including women and had the area evacuated on an urgent basis. It goes without saying that this obnoxious, dimwitted strategy was preplanned by Nawaz Sharif and his party members in view of the protest scheduled on November 2nd, 2016.

However, I would urge PML-N to revisit Pakistan's Constitution and mull over Article 19 and 19A which clearly states that every citizen reserves the right to protest. Freedom of expression and speech are fundamental human rights that cannot be challenged. Although I do not endorse Imran Khan's agenda, I do stand by the constitutional principles and the foundation which was laid out by Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

Given the current political scenario, PML-N has hit rock bottom for sure. Nawaz Sharif's lackluster stance on Pakistan's national security is anything but real talk. The Panama Papers scandal is a perfect example of his disloyalty and betrayal towards this country. PM Nawaz has neither pleaded guilty nor appeared in court to clarify his position on the matter. Moreover, he talks the talk but does not walk the walk and aren't we all well aware of his inability to write speeches? These labeled 'politicians' are hypocrites and liars! The current government running for Pakistan is spending billions of rupees overseas (our money) to benefit a handful of cronies. Without question, thousands of people have died at the hands of this corrupt, money-driven government. Not for once have the past governments been answerable to the people. How long will we continue to bear the brunt of social injustices and political corruption? How long will the government exploit and malign the Constitution of Pakistan?

In my humble opinion, Imran Khan will not live up to his words either. Let's face it. Khan is desperate. He wants to seize the PM seat. Period. Nonetheless, there are a few extraordinary examples in history who have managed to revamp the political system for social welfare. Now, as time is slipping away, Nawaz Sharif is turning tables against Imran Khan and will most likely succeed, unfortunately.

In conclusion, protesting is a fundamental human right which should be exercised to its fullest potential and Nawaz Sharif's dismissal of it, goes to show who he really is. I, for one can not think of him as Pakistan's PM but then again, I should probably snap back into reality. On a positive note, Imran Khan should consider the other side of the coin as well. He is returning once again with more aggression, hostility and violence. Unless these sentiments are not curbed, his protest will wear out, again.