islamabad - The state–run hospitals in the federal capital have been put on high alert because of uncertain political situation brewing in the city, hospital officials said yesterday.

Pakistan institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS), Federal Government Services Hospital (Polyclinic) and Capital Development Authority (CDA) Hospital have been asked to remain high alert to cope with any unpleasant situation.

Hospital officials stated that the directive has been issued as a precautionary measure in prevailing situation.

Talking to The Nation Dr Sharif Astori said that standard operating procedure (SOP) has been issued following the directive and leaves of all staff including doctors and paramedics have been cancelled.

“Medicine and blood stock has been doubled and staff is being accommodated in the hostels of hospitals,” said Dr Astori. He also said that extra beds have been reserved in case of emergency and ambulances are also on standby position.

Similarly, in PIMS and CDA hospitals the entire staff has been directed to stay on call.

According to official figures there are about 1200 beds in Pakistan institute of Medical Sciences, 545 in Federal Government Services Hospital and 280 in CDA hospital.

The Pakistan institute of Medical Sciences has spared around 200 beds to accommodate emergency cases, said a doctor.

Meanwhile, the patients in the hospitals were also seen upset because of uncertain situation in the city.

Talking to The Nation Faisal Ahmed said that he has brought his brother in emergency for the bandage of his fractured arm but now wants to leave as soon as possible. “We are hearing about the road blockages in the city and it will become difficult to reach home if we are stuck in this situation,” said Faisal.

Another visitor in Polyclinic, Asma Bibi said that she hired taxi to reach the hospital as she was not sure about the metro bus service.

“The rumours of road blocking are spreading chaos among patients as they will face difficulty in reaching the hospital in case of non- availability of transport,” she said.