GUJRANWALA - The participants of PTI march were attacked with eggs and tomatoes allegedly by the activists of PML-N ‘Hamza youth wing’ here on Friday.

The situation, however, remained in control as the ‘attacking’ activists fled the scene soon after the attack.

According to PTI leaders, the party convoy, led by Ejaz Ch, was on the way to Islamabad when the workers were attacked with eggs and tomatoes by the PML-N ‘Hamza youth wing activists from the flyover. PTI leader Ejaz Chaudhry and some media persons also received the eggs. The attackers, however, fled away after throwing eggs from the flyover.

Earlier, PTI march reached Gujranwala where hundreds of the party local workers and leaders welcomed the marchers. PTI leader Ejaz Ch while addressing the workers condemned the police torture on PTI workers and said that the government through oppressive tactics could not deter them from the proposed protest in Islamabad. He reiterated the pledge to go ahead with proposed lockdown plan on November 2. Ejaz Ch regretted that there is no democracy in Pakistan and the present government has proved that it is a monarchy. He alleged that police have arrested hundreds of PTI workers in Rawalpindi and Islamabad, adding that the police have even tortured female workers, warning that this attitude would not be tolerated at any cost. Later, participants of the march departed for Islamabad, dancing to the drum beats and chanted slogans against government.