Pakistan most cooperative in advancing Belt’s initiative, says Chinese authority

BEIJING: Pakistan has emerged as most cooperative country in advancing ‘Belt and Road” initiative, said Chinese State Information Center (SIC).

The SIC in its first data-book on the "Belt and Road" Initiative, issued here appreciated Pakistan’s support, extended through China-Pakistan economic corridor that is a major and pilot project of the Belt and Road’s initiative.

The book is an annual report that presents a comprehensive assessment of the implementation of the initiative and an authoritative evaluation of the cooperation between China and the 64 countries involved and the engagement of its 31 provinces.

The report, released by Du Ping, standing deputy director of the State Information Center (SIC), consists of two volumes: the first offers a comprehensive assessment of the building of the Belt and Road, and the second presents special analysis on important issues, such as international industrial cooperation, regional cooperation, internationalization of RMB and cross-border e-commerce, and puts forward some practical suggestions.

Other countries listed as most co-operative are Indonesia, Russia, Kazakhstan and Thailand. According to Du, there are more than 300 billion pieces of data in the report from domestic and foreign statistics agencies, news websites, social media and various other forums, over 5pb of which is original data, covering more than 60 countries and regions along the routes of the Belt and Road.

Industrial cooperation in automobile, construction materials, iron and steel, railway and information communication attract the most attention from overseas. Specifically, Southeast Asian countries care more about the automobile, iron and steel, electricity and information communication industries; countries in the Central and Eastern Europe are eager to absorb infrastructure investment from China, while industrial cooperation, automobile, real estate, highway and power grid construction are the main concerns for Northeast Asian countries.

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