“If you prick us do we not bleed? If you tickle us do we not laugh? If you poison us do we not die? And if you wrong us shall we not revenge?”

– William Shakespeare

In an interesting tit-for-tat move, Pakistan’s Foreign Secretary summoned the Indian High Commissioner and proposed that Pakistan would be sending back an Indian diplomat, Surjeet Singh. This move came after India announced that it was expelling a Pakistani visa official for suspected spying. The current government has often been criticised for their lack of action and response to Indian atrocities. Border violations, summoning Pakistani officials in India, and threats to the sovereignty of Pakistan have largely gone unanswered. Perhaps it is only fair that the Pakistani government has now realised the need to fight fire with fire. In efforts to isolate Pakistan, India has mounted tremendous pressure on Pakistan during the last few months. Coupled with internal conflict, the current government certainly faces a multitude of problems that need to be addressed, keeping in mind their wish to retain power in the next general elections. Although all is not well in Pakistani politics, this tit-for-tat response to Indian pressures is seen as an appropriate move.