MAILSI-People expressed grave concerns over the rising number of theft and robbery incidents across the tehsil, blaming the indifference and inefficiency of the police officials responsible for the situation.

The report of a survey conducted by this correspondent reveals that thieves and robbers seem to be unafraid of the police due to the way they have been carrying out their activities since long.

Informing about the recent robbery and theft incidents, residents of different areas told this reporter that a motorbike was lifted in the remit of the Karampur Police. In another incident, unidentified persons stole a power generator and other valuables from the house of Muhammad Afzal, a senior journalist of the city. Similarly, four unidentified thieves stole an LED, UPS along batteries, CCTV cameras, computer and a gas cylinder from Educators School Karampur Campus. Similarly, gold ornaments were stolen from a house owned by Naseem Khan.

They said they submitted repeated applications to the Karampur Police but the police officials are reluctant to go after the criminals. They alleged that the police assured them of early arrest of the culprits but in fact, the negligent policemen do not want to take any action and are “just passing time.”

The residents alleged that the Mailsi DSP can be blamed for the inefficiency of the subordinate policemen. They said that the DSP always appear least interested in resolve public complaints.

Residents of different areas appealed to Vehari DPO Umer Saeed Malik to look into the matter and take effective steps to address their miseries.