islamabad - Minister of State for Capital Administration & Development (CADD), Dr Tariq Fazal Chaudhary after having a meeting with a delegation of model colleges said yesterday that educational institutions of the city will not be closed due to political activities.

A delegation of students from model schools and colleges called on the minister and requested him not to close the educational institutions in wake of upcoming protest.

The minister said that the government will fully cooperate with 400,000 students of the city while provision of education to them is the prime responsibility of the government. “Private educational institutes should also not be closed,” he urged.

The minister stated that students from all over the Pakistan are studying in the federal capital and the government will not let them suffer because of political activity in the city. He added that such political activity also left severe impacts on educational institutional in 2014.

“Political unrest in the city in 2014 led to a situation in which teachers completed the course in schools and colleges in minimum time and finally it affected the results of students,” he said.

He said the students are the future of this country and educational institutions will be not left upon political interests. “No one wants the lockdown of the city, while the government will support them on all levels,” said Fazal.

Separately, a student Nimra Ali talking to The Nation said, ”Our college has started just now and it will become difficult for us to cover the course if educational institutes are closed. During last sit-in, one month of students was wasted,” she said. “If the schools are closed for indefinite time, how we will cover the course,” she added.

Meanwhile, private schools association has also announced to remain the schools open after November 02 if the announced lockdown of the federal capital continues.

President Private Schools Association Adeeb Jadwani said that institutions will be closed only on November 02 to view the situation in the city; however this closure will not prolong like it did in last sit-in.

Meanwhile, Model College for Women G-10/4 held an oath taking ceremony of College Students Council and presented shields to students on outstanding performance in examinations.

Deputy Mayor Islamabad Metropolitan Corporation, Zeeshan Naqvi was the chief guest of the ceremony while college Principal Professor Imrana Khizar presided over the ceremony.

The chief guest administered the oath of central council heads for the positions of president, vice-president, general secretary, joint secretary.

Addressing to students the deputy mayor said that government is taking serious efforts for the education and development of women in the country. “Women also earned significance in politics by their contribution,” he said.

He stated that following the direction of prime minister, 22 schools and colleges have been upgraded and funds are also being issued for uplift of other educational institutes.