NOORPUR THAL - Senator Ghous Muhammad Khan Niazi has stated that Pakistan is passing through a critical phase and there is no room for politics of chaos in the prevailing situation.

Talking to various delegations of the PML-N workers here on other day, he said that it is not time to divide the nation for personal interests rather the prevailing scenario warrants promotion of national unity. “Everyone should strive for the progress of country,” he underlined. PML-N Tehsil Noorpur Thal President Malik Manzoor Ahmed Baga was also present on the occasion.

“The PML-N leadership will live and die with people of the country,” he claimed, adding that some elements are engaged in an evil conspiracy to derail the process of national prosperity.


A large number of politicians, lawyers and social workers attended the wedding reception of Awami Welfare Society (AWS) President held here on other day.

The wedding Dr Raja Muhammad took place at village Bambool here.