The judiciary of a country plays an imperative role in its development through the dispensation of justice, and lawyers play a pivotal role in the smooth functioning of the judiciary. If lawyers do not comply with the judicial ethics, then it is really hard for the judicial institutions to carry out their constitutional duties. However, the lawyers are not following the judicial ethics because of which the judiciary is being hindered in its proper functioning. Lawyers have become very aggressive not just in their court premises but outside of it as well. Even if it is the police, the traffic wardens, or anyone else, everyone is afraid of entangling with the lawyers because they know that the lawyers can file fake and frivolous cases against them. In order to correct this, some training sessions of lawyers must be carried out, in the judicial academy as well as in district bars. Some senior lawyers have been doing this in their personal capacity to properly train the newcomers in this field, and in this regard ,the name of Sardar Balkh Sher Khosa is on the top of the list because he has been training the juniors by teaching them judicial ethics. All other seniors lawyers are also requested to do the same with the newcomers in this field, so that our judicial set up could work properly and smoothly and the dispensation of justice may be actualised. 


Lahore, October 3.