SUKKUR/LARKANA   -    Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Central Secretary General Amir Mehmood Kiani has said that Sindh gets huge budgetary funds every year, but no basic facility is provided to the poor masses and the funds allocated for the public go into the pockets of the corrupt people.

The caravan of the PTI led by MNA Kiani and PTI Sindh President Haleem Adil Sheikh reached Sehwan on Saturday after visiting Shikarpur, Larkana, Khairpur, Nathan Shah and Dadu.

MNA Jai Parkash, MPA Jamal Siddiqui, Aslam Abro, Hunaid Lakhani, Allah Bakhsh Unar, Agha Maula Bakhsh Pathan, Ali Junejo, Mubeen Jatoi and other leaders were present in the caravan, which received a warm welcome at different places. On this occasion, PTI workers’ conventions were also held in Sukkur, Shikarpur and Larkana.

Speaking on the occasion, Haleem Adil Sheikh said it is learnt that big pots of gold are found in Shikarpur and they make corrupt ministers rich. He said a poor boy of Shikarpur, Mir Hassan, died in the lap of his mother because he was not given dog-bite vaccine. He said corruption is rampant in every sector but bellies of corrupt rulers of Sindh do not get filled ever. He said even the smallest thief of this gang is involved in corruption of Rs100 billion.

He said Larkana is now notorious for AIDS and dogs. He said no Bhutto is alive and there are only Zardaris. He said had Bhutto been alive today, Larkana would not been an orphaned city. He said Bilawal wants Imran Khan to free Asif Ali Zardari and Faryal Talpur. He said there is no comparison between Bilawal and Imran Khan. He said Sindh would always remain united. He said that Article 149-4 only asks the provinces to improve their efficiency, but the Sindh government is still working under ‘Article 420’.

Addressing people at different places, MNA Kiani said corrupt politicians made huge properties from looted money in the past and now they are facing accountability. He said not only people of Sindh, but even hospitals do not get clean drinking water. He said basic vaccine is not present in government hospitals. He said the Sindh government gets Rs106 billion for health but the result is zero. He said it seems the purpose of the 18th Amendment was to promote corruption and bribery.

He said the prime minister has started distribution of 40 million health cards. He said the Sindh government has refused to get these health cards. He said, “We will however resolve the issues of Sindh on priority.” He said people of Sindh are with Imran Khan, who made universities and hospitals even when he was not in power. He said, “We will make Pakistan the best country of the world. For 14 years corruption was done in the name of diesel and Kashmir committee. I have visited entire Sindh, but did not see a living Bhutto even once. I only saw deprivation and problems of poor people.”