As a citizen of Pakistan and a hard worker representative of this nation, residing at the 4th largest city of Sindh, I would like to bring the authorities and our fruitful leaders, who have the privilege to lead us, would like to bring in your kind attention towards the current condition of my own city Mirpurkhas, with due respect from the last 4 decades whoever took the responsibility to take care of our city from the government authority, unfortunately they didn’t pay what they supposed to be, they enjoyed with the funds and the resources, but didn’t perform well enough to fulfil such commitments.

Mirpurkhas division comprising districts Umerkot, Mirpurkhas and Tharparkar having about 40 lakhs population according to current census, but the city is lacking a higher education institutions from government side, the youth is totally in a grey and backward environment, as there is no proper educational institutions, no development, lack of education programs, not a single vocational activities present in this great city, due to that reason parents needs to send their future holders to get higher education in other institutions such as Sindh, Liaquat University of Medical & Health Sciences and Mehran University of Engineering & Technology and across PAN Pakistan, which is very far from this city and that cost them a lot as well, due to that reason most parents avoid sending their children especially females to such university as they are quite far from the city, along with the higher fees and cost of transportations, As stated above the total population of this divsion is 40 lacs, in which 16 lacs is are the youth, and they require them all type of educations primary, secondary and higher educations into the doorsteps, which is their right being a citizen of this country, only Sindh university campus is based in our city with limited courses available in it, however those courses are actually not especially the demands of the youth belongs to the city.

Bearing in mind that the private universities are more influenced as compare to government institutions, but their fees are un-bearable, think about it, I am just a middle-class person and the surrounds is also the same and even worse than that who actually think several times a day whether they can meet their daily expenses and food or not, so how they can afford such kind of fees as well. I need to mention here that on several occasions, provincial and federal Ministers assured us that they are going to establish government institutions here, but every word and commitment was verbal nothing has been witnessed from last 4 decades.

Therefore, as a citizen of Pakistan and the son of soul, on the behalf of my youth and other people of Mirpurkhas, that please do something for us, we have a great talent and desperate young generation, but they need your support and platform to polish their self, the youth of this city will be the future leaders and surely take the part in the representation of Pakistan if the authorities will prove them their basic necessities I.e education, we kindly request to the current government and the Prime Minister His Excellency Mr Imran Khan that this city is also a part of Sindh and Sindh is also comes under the geographical sphere of Pakistan, please do something for us, we have huge faith and hope on the current government but that needs to be implement. I am sure my words will know the doors to the authorities and they open their eyes for the right of the people of Mirpurkhas.