ISLAMABAD-Academic Staff Association (ASA) Comsats University Islamabad (CUI) on Saturday expressed concerns over not conducting the selection board of the university.

Statement issued by ASA-CUI said that it has serious reservations and resentment in reference to letter of 19(58)/2019/CUI-ASA(IL-II)Pt dated September 26, issued by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) directing CUI administration not to conduct selection board.

It said that conducting of selection board is a routine and internal matter of CUI.

The autonomy of CUI has been pushed to the wall with the involvement of external offices in such internal matters of university.

It also added that hundreds of employees of CUI are suffering due to a long-awaited selection board which was notified on September 24 and later MoST directed CUI not to conduct it which raised a serious question mark on the autonomy of top ranked university of the country.

The statement said that the ASA-CUI views that involvement of external offices in internal matters of university may lead to unforeseen events as employees are being deprived of their legitimate rights since long and can go to any extent to get their due rights.

In this connection, on behalf of employees of CUI, the ASA-CUI demands from all relevant quarters (Rector, ED COMSATS, MoST and Presidency) that any hindrance in the conduct of selection board should be removed immediately and selection board must be conducted as per given schedule (3-5 October, 2019) which is clearly supported by the clauses (40, 41, 42, 43(2) and 45) of CUI-Act 2018.

Considering the level of frustration and resentment among employees, any further delay in conducting selection board may lead to serious eventualities across all campuses of CUI.

Letter issued by MoST on September 24 said that wherein composition of the selection board of CUI has been notified, and to convey that same may please be held in abeyance till the final approval of the minutes of 2nd meeting of the senate of CUI by the president of Pakistan/Chairman Senate of CUI.

Therefore, all subsequent actions as per above mentioned notification may also be put on hold accordingly.