Some of our ministers and other politicians are openly talking about the use of nuclear bomb and ‘smart bombs’ if India attacks any part of Pakistan including Azad Jammu and Kashmir. I hope they know what they are talking!! total annihilation of the subcontinent. Ok let that be, but have they prepared the nation even cursorily in passing or superficially about the perils of an atomic explosion and the protective measures that they could take?? Does anyone of our village folks even know about the heat, shock and radiation generated by an atomic explosion and what measures to take against them? Are there any .. repeat .. any shelters dug or built for the populace to occupy in the event of an atomic war? I don’t know if there is a Civil Defence Department or not, but if there is one, has it ever done any exercise, practice or rehearsal to save the lives in an atomic attack?

So, my dear politicians before you scare the Indians with your bombs, first educate and prepare the nation also to face the atomic counter attack.