A dream doesn't become reality through magic, it takes sweat determination and hard work. ~ Kevin-Prince Boateng.

In today's fast paced world we see that no one has time for anyone especially, if you are jobless! Jobs have become a necessity in our prevailing times yet, they are scarcely available. The youth in our country is full of talent and potential but they do not have opportunities. Some do not have enough to afford a good education in order to get a reputed degree which is the demand of all employers. It’s sad to see all the talented youth sitting like this wasting away their talent and potential especially at a point in their lives in which they can give their utmost and perform their best. For their own selves, their families and for their country.

What happens is that students get a degree but they cannot find jobs. They have the pressure from their families. It’s their responsibility to take care of their families but the demand of every employer in every field is sky high and majority of the people they fail to get jobs which is very sad as their is so much talent and potential in our country especially in the youth. So eventually, they go into depression, becoming a victim of drugs, indulging in crimes, etc. The problem lies in the fact that they are not provided chances and opportunities to come forward and show that talent. The youth must have faith in themselves, every person has some talent, a skill which they can excel in. Every person is gifted with some talent or skill. It just needs to be brought out to the surface, recognized, polished and set up to unravel all its unique attributes.


What the youth does is that they go in field which they don’t have any interest in, they get the degree but don’t have the skill. It’s not just about the degree, you can get a job based on your skills, your passion, what you like to do can become your profession; you just need to follow the right track and focus on one thing rather than a range of different things. Even the ancient Greek Philosopher Plato, gave the concept of an ideal city state where every person should be assigned a single job at which he’s best. There are organizations like Diversity International which see your passion, your skill and provide you with jobs that suit you.

There is huge example from our own times that of Najat Vallaud-Belkacem; who was once a Shepard girl and is now France’s education minister. She came to France with her family and into a world of real opportunities and of struggle but she availed every single opportunity that crossed her path, with consistent hard work and effort, she has earned her position as the Minister of Education.

There are some opportunities in our country as well for the upcoming youth. There are such organizations which encourage the youth. Like for example, a few weeks ago I happen to come across this organization named Diversity International and I was amazed! They are offering so much for the youth that I was simply surprised. At first, I thought maybe this is just like every other organization, which mainly cares for its own interests, but after I got to know about it in detail, I was amazed and really happy to see that such a step is being taken in our country; of providing the youth with practical jobs so they can support themselves and their families.

They are going to have a Youth Summit on October 19, 2019 and they are going to provide the youth with jobs on the spot. It's not going to be just the concept of some motivational speaking session but real solid jobs will be given to the people. Over 50 companies will be invited and the selected candidates will be going home with real appointment letters in their hands. I think such an initiative has been not been taken till yet. It's going to be in Margalla Grande, Islamabad, with Ali Muhammad Khan are very own minister of state for parliamentary affairs as a guest speaker and many others as well.

This organization is initiated by Muhammad Habibullah who is a great motivational speaker, an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. His vision is to empower the youth of Pakistan and to encourage them to support their families financially. Which I think is an amazing vision! We need more people like him. He wants the youth to come forward. The aim is to polish your skills and get you a job so that in the end you will be able to stand on your feet. Even students can explore their talents, get jobs, internships etc, to generate their own fees, to gain experience and confidence. The target is to make the youth independent citizens which is a wonderful motif I believe. I think it’s a wonderful opportunity, which should not be missed by anyone. Do come forward and take advantage of such marvelous opportunity as they do come around only once in a while. We need more organizations like these who are working sincerely for the upcoming generation

If we won't start working now then when will we? It's not practically possible for every citizen to attain a government job, we already have a lot of issues, economically. So why not be connected with some private companies, work is work! And especially the students, the newly graduates, anyone with any kind of skill or talent should be a part of this amazing event. Push yourself because no one else is going to do it for you. Your limit is just your imagination!