Over 1,500 people were hospitalized in Karachi with dengue in September. Five people died of the disease.

Of the 1,500 people infected, 61% are men. There have been 2,866 cases of dengue reported in Karachi this year, which make up 59% of the cases reported in the entrie province.

And with water still collected on the streets from a week of rain, there are chances of even more dengue cases being reported. All this stagnant water could become a breeding ground for dengue. Even in areas where the streets aren’t inundated, rainwater has collected in potholes and mixed with sewage to form breeding grounds for dengue mosquitoes.

At Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, a lot of patients being brought in displaying symptoms of dengue. People say there isn’t enough blood at the hospital and they are being asked to buy bottles of blood from the blood bank for Rs7,000 to Rs8,000.

At Civil Hospital, Karachi, five medical wards have been set up to handle dengue cases. The hospital is still confirming whether three patients at its facility have dengue or something else.

But this epidemic isn’t unique to Karachi. According to health officials, at least 23 people have died of dengue this year across the country. Of them, 11 belonged to Sindh and five were from Karachi.

Dengue cases are being reported across the country, with the number in Punjab crossing the 3,500 mark.

The government says it is conducting anti-dengue spray campaigns but many residents say officials haven’t visited their areas yet. People in Lines Area and Surjani Town say there hasn’t been any spraying done in their neighbourhoods and they’re worried.