Prime Minister Imran Khan just delivered a much awaited speech at the United Nations General Assembly on 27th Sept as the highlight of that 45-minutes long address was Kashmir. Although he took a good start and displayed confident face of Pakistan in his speech but I feel that he could have done better had he not consumed time on other issues.

Since he was supposed to be there as the Ambassador of Kashmir to advocate the oppression and sufferings of Kashmiris, Kashmiris deserved more time of his speech and not a lecture on other things.

It was unfortunate to note that even at UNGA, the PM did not fail to ridicule the negativities of his own country by using uptime to talk about offshore accounts in Pakistan. He should have realized that this was clearly not necessary and not at all in the national interest as these things create bad image of the country. It goes without saying that our internal issues should have not been mentioned there.

I hope someone from his staff had advised the PM that there is set legal procedure to get the looted: plundered money back through bilateral agreements and International money laundering which deals in such cases.

It is unfortunate that most of those who have taken the plundered money abroad are either from his own party or  from other parties  and they are the ones who are the financers of many politicians sitting in the Parliament  even today and they are still doing it. The PM must know that it is not the obligation of UN to take action against the accused  but the Govt on its own . I wish maximum part of the speech was dedicated  to speak on Kashmiris instead climate change ,money. Laundering  and tree plantation which should left for some other time.

I would like to point out that the political activities are also sponsored by the  sane money launders with huge fundings.

However I will write a complete article  on this issue with graphic details on the planning, engineering,  funding including transport, foods, chairs and daily payments to the participants of these sponsored political activities.

We all need to first put our own house in order before exposing  the uncontrolled National blunders before the world  which means humiliation worldwide.

We need to take counter measures to demonstrate our better face  as the world looks fully convinced now about Pakistani being corrupt and money launderers.

Hence now onward every green passport landing at International airports will be a bigger suspect of being looter and money launderer. I wish the local politics and crime statistics were not taken to the UN Hall where we are already facing FATF.We are suffering on false charges of money laundering  hence the government needs extra steps to eliminate this bad impression .

I feel that the Prime Minister would have done much better by demonstrating the true feeling of Kashmiris with graphic details of their sufferings with more specific  brutalities by Indian troops. The fellow Pakistani and Overseas Pakistanis were looking forward to see Prime Minister speaking with more substance by consuming more time.

People have a questions in their minds as to why the time reserved for Kashmir  was given to highlight one Billion trees in KPK and other non issues as this day was the day of oppressed Kashmirs ?

There was no need to inform the world that Pakistan in the past trained militants which were subsequently launched to lead in a war against USSR. PM exposed Modi well based on his historic record of extremism and only mentioned RSS without elaborating the terrorists’ activities performed by them and how Modi was given title of butcher of Gujrat

We will have to evaded the impression of being mercenaries as per the statement of PM  that we picked up our guns against Russians upon being hired by USA. On one side we are pleading that the Pakistanis are corrupt & money launders while on the other hand he spoke on high moral grounds to support Kashmir without realizing the fact that the confession of Money laundering by the Prime Minister of a country is a confession of serious international crime. It was not needed to be mentioned on such high-level forum.

This was the forum to highlight what we are facing from neighbourhood, which has  blocked  our water in violation of Indus Agreement and the immediate war threats from India including daily violation of LOC.

I am not criticizing the PM but I feel that his staff and MOFA had not briefed  properly with substantive material to him about the growing Kashmir crisis .In fact I had handed over a full folder with evidence and further course of action to MOFA in the Senate standing committees on Kashmir & MOFA.

I believe that we would have presented our case with more substantive way and with our genuine demands for Kashmiris. I am sure Should be happy as apart from speech UNGA has neither given any time line for self determination nor order to constitute any high power Comission to investigate the brutalities committed by Army Troops. We even failed to have the  matter of non implementation of Self determination under UN Resolution.


To be continued