Lahore - PML-N Secretary Information Marriyum Aurangzeb has expressed grave concern over the worsening state of country’s economy.

In a statement here yesterday, she said that due to the unrealistic and impractical tax targets negotiated by the incompetent and incapable PTI regime, the people of Pakistan were being economically murdered. The IMF had given a lesser target but the mindless PTI upped it to unachievable levels. The most vulnerable working class is being grilled by the clueless PTI hoard because of its own failure to meet tax revenue targets, she said.

The former information minister said it was basic arithmetic that how could PTI expect to meet its targets when its economic policy disasters were shutting down more and more industrial units, shops, factories and virtually sources of income.

“If the PTI regime revises its tax revenue targets, it would be an outright and blatant confirmation of the opposition’s stance and predictions regarding this group’s incompetence and immaturity. This is why the inept regime is once again getting ready to unload yet another mini-budget,” Marriyum said.

A Rs40 billion shortfall in the first quarter of the fiscal year and a decrease of Rs 230 billion was a screaming proof of Imran Khan’s regime’s failure, she pointed. This is the undeniable proof that Pakistanis did not trust this government at all which is why they were not paying tax, she added.

It was clear that the target of Rs 5.5 trillion will not be achieved no matter how much more burden they put on people to crush them. The only so-called ‘change’ in the country has been the halved growth rate, quadrupled inflation and debt. They have shut down the tax collection increase zones created by PMLN, she added.

The PTI regime has brought the country to the brink of economic disaster with the clear and present possibility of a record shortfall, she concluded.


PML-N President and Opposition Leader in National Assembly Shahbaz Sharif has condemned the blast in Chaman and expressed profound grief over the death of JUI-F leader Maulana Hanif.

In a statement Shehbaz expressed deep concern over resurgence and increase in terrorist attacks in the country. He said such incidents were a conspiracy to sow unrest and anarchy in the country.

The opposition leader said this practice of targeting political leaders was a sinister move. The government needed to take emergent steps to eliminate terrorism and ensure the safety of the people, he stressed.

Shehbaz extended condolence to the family of Maulana Hanif. He prayed for the departed soul and strength for his family to bear the grave loss.