Donald Trump’s presidency seems to be under threat after the democrats’ decision to impeach the president. The decision came after the release of President Trump’s negotiations with the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky to get information against presidency candidate Joe Biden. The stance of the democrats is clear that the actions of the president went against the national interest and sovereignty of the United States of America (USA) and such actions demand strict penalisation, hence the call for impeachment. This action is not only going to impact policies within the US but also the world around.

Trump’s presidency has not been conventional as compared to the previous tenures and that has impacted diplomatic ties and negotiations. Pakistan is also one of the countries that initially faced a lot of backlash from the Trump regime due to the build-up of the “do more” narrative. In the last year, Pakistan has worked relentlessly to shift the narrative in its favour by urging the West to recognise Pakistani efforts to fight off terrorism in the region and also facilitating the negotiations with the Taliban. This has opened a favourable avenue for Pakistan and has resulted in a shift in the foreign policy of the US. President Trump has also displayed the desire of playing the role of a mediator in the Kashmir crisis. However, all of this can be jeopardised if President Trump’s impeachment materialises.

Policy choices of the US impact global politics. While in several cases, the impeachment of Trump can improve matters because a democratic leader is the need of the time, however, current negotiations would take a backseat and impact current strategic plans of several countries, including Pakistan. There is strong evidence against President Trump this time and democrats are pushing for impeachment with all force. The chances of this materialising are higher, which is why countries should prepare for damage control.